Jennjoley Alpacas

The joy shown here by Sharon's granddaughter Anastasia is priceless. We have also come to know Sharon over the last few years and it is very evident how much her family means to her. Sharon describes her farm as a "family orientated farm" and when we asked her what her stud name meant it was very fitting that her answer was that it was a combination of her children's names. Jennjoley for Jessica, Glenn, John and Bradley. 
They fell in love with alpacas one year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. They had been wandering around and after not being able to pat the dogs or get close to any of the other animals they visited the alpacas. There were opportunities to get close to the alpacas, that year her children were able to walk around with an alpaca and they were able to talk directly to the breeders. Sharon is very passionate about alpacas and when asked what she would like to share with you Sharon expressed that she was "very excited about the commercial opportunities opening up for our industry". The following photos is of Sharon and John with one of their alpacas, Braveheart. 
Thank you to Sharon for sharing this information and photos with us!