Are you dreaming of your very own yarn? Adagio Mills will make it happen.

Alpaca fleece processing services

Adagio Mills are able to process sheep wool, alpaca fleece, mohair and other natural fibres. We are able to provide processing services for customers from 10kg of fleece through to tonnes. Processing rates, capabilities and other useful information are included below. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your processing needs.

Our capabilities

We are able to process yarn and rovings from natural fibres. We are able to process fibres such as alpaca, sheep wool and mohair. If you are interested in having your fibre processed please contact us. 

We are able to process huacaya and suri fibre. 

The yarn can be supplied as balls, skeins or cones.

Schedule of rates

The schedule of rates are for incoming weight of fleece and are excluding GST. The rates are subject to change at our discretion. Discounts available for bulk quantities. 

Alpaca (Huacaya) Fleece processing rates

  • $120/kg for 4 and 5 ply yarns,
  • $110/kg for 8 and 12 ply yarns,
  • $60/kg for rovings,
  • $15/kg for dehairing,
  • Please contact us for rates for heavier or lighter yarn weights than listed,

Postage and freight costs are additional. We encourage our clients to drop off and pick up their fleece so we can discuss your order with you and enable you to reduce shipping costs.

Rates for suri and suri blends are quoted on a case by case basis.

Fleece with excessive vegetable matter may be refused and returned at the owner's cost or incur additional charges for processing. We will discuss this with you prior to processing.

Minimum order is 10kg.

We can blend different colours or fibres.

Large quantity discounts - Frequent fleecer program

The frequent fleecer program has been developed to recognise clients who are processing their fleeces at a commercial level and as such will deliver their fleece appropriately classed into lines to be processed as bulk lots.

The frequent fleecer program will be based on the previous years fleece processing with us, We would also accept co-ops that present as a single client to qualify for frequent fleecer status.

Discounts and Frequent Fleecer status will be applied or withdrawn at our discretion.

Bronze frequent fleecer status - The bronze frequent fleecer discount is 5% and is for customers processing greater than 25kg annually with Adagio Mills and only applies to batches of 10kg or greater.

Silver frequent fleecer status - The silver frequent fleecer discount is 10% and is for customers processing greater than 50kg annually with Adagio Mills and only applies to batches of 10kg or greater.

Gold frequent fleecer status - The gold frequent fleecer discount is 15% and is for customers processing greater than 100kg annually with Adagio Mills and only applies to batches of 20kg or greater.

Platinum frequent fleecer status - The platinum frequent fleecer discount is 20% and is for customers processing greater than 500kg annually with Adagio Mills and only applies to batches of 50kg or greater.

Preparing your fleece

We recommend the following;

  • Ideal staple length for processing is 90 to 110mm.
  • Our machinery is designed to process fibre from 70 to 140mm, however we recommend that staple lengths be as similar as possible, it is important that your fibres are similar in length for the quality of the finished yarn, we recommend that the staple lengths be within +/-10mm,
  • We can not process fibres less than 70mm or greater than 140mm so these must be removed before you send your fleece in. If you would like to know more about why too short or too long fibres are unable to be processed then please call us.
  • Separate and skirt saddle fleece, preferably at time of shearing, 
  • Class, group or combine your fleeces for processing that have similar characteristics e.g. staple length, micron, etc when possible as this produces the best results,
  • Remove as much vegetable matter, VM,  as possible as we will not be picking through your fleece. Some loose VM will come out at each step of the process however all burrs and VM locked into the fleece must be removed before processing,